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Perfect Aqua - Inovative Nano Tech Water Filter


Perfect Aqua Water Recovery filters provide a sustainable individual drinking water solution.


The PURE AQUA filter will clean and improve a minimum of 20,000 litres of water per annum (or 50 litres per day) and removes a minimum of 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.99999% of parasites, and it does not contain any chemicals, batteries or moving parts.

Biodesiel & Biofuel Processing Solution | Containerised 

 specialist in distributed-scale equipment, matching processing capacity to feedstock availability. The largest installations currently produced are 50,000 litre per day skid-mounted, programmable logic controlled, advanced bio-refineries (of which there is an installed base of 28 worldwide). Bespoke and mobile options are also available designed around the specific application.The equipment can be scaled to the quantity of feedstock available locally, and offer rapid payback and long-term investment protection.  


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Solar Grow | Containerised 

50,000 litres per day processing capacity It is a lab in a container that uses solar energy and grows a large amount of seedlings, 25 per cent faster. It tests soil and seeds for disease and acts as a weather station. increasing food production in locations where this is not otherwise possible. Along with expert plantation management, including early intervention industrial pruning, the whole system delivers the conditions for a sustainable growth process, without resorting to genetic modification technologies.


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100% Green 150KW Power Generation | Containerised 

Wood Waste | Gasification Combined Heat & Power 


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Biomass Blue Flame Stoves | Silva Ortus Social Responsibility  



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