We at Stoneguard Group understand the importance of innovation, not only in our building techniques, but also in the service we provide

Stoneguard Group is a specialist company specifically created in answer to the global demand to create sustainable housing, possessing advanced capabilities that match the requirements of the century that lies ahead. It is the brainchildren of a team of exceptional individuals who include business leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and property professionals, all who have the same vision.



“To revolutionise the building industry by manufacturing carbon neutral energy efficient homes engineered to high standards of quality and luxury...”


Stoneguard Steel Framing System SFS 

Stoneguard SFS Modular System is a globally deployed patented technology which facilitates high quality modular accommodation to be constructed at low cost and delivered to any site in the world for deployment. SFS Modular System accommodation is strong, easy to assemble and can be designed to suit any planning or end user application. SFS Modular System is especially suited to medium to high rise, three to sixteen storey self-supporting construction from factory produced volumetric modules. The factory produced system allows high consistency, rapid construction at lower expense than conventional methods.


finished build 1.jpg

finished build 1.jpg

Benefits of Stoneguard Off-site Construction Technology
Greater Speed:
Being up to 40-60% quicker, over conventional building methods, modular construction offers defined delivery times.

With SFS Systems innovative technology, significant savings on costs are enabled with the modular method of construction to below the level of that for traditional brick & block, offering even greater economies, especially with regard to labour and wastage.

Reduced Reliance:
No Skilled Labour utilising semi-skilled factory labour, during the construction of modules, reduces the reliance on increasingly scarce skilled labour.

Due to fewer components involved, over traditional methods, from a safety aspect, the modular construction has been proven to be significantly safer during construction.

Factory environments inherently ensure improved quality controls; efficiencies in production and reliability are also achieved through fewer defects or call-backs.

Without the restrictions imposed by health and safety, to the number of hours for construction workers together with environmental issues, such as noise, factories operating 24 hours a day seven days a week, without these limitations, offer considerably greater productivity.

Environment & Sustainability;
As less energy is generally required to develop the modules off-site, Modular Construction is inherently environmentally friendly. During construction, reductions in waste on site of up to 70% can be achieved. Additionally, each module's Carbon Footprint is also radically reduced as all fixtures and fittings are delivers to the factory

We Incorporate all Generate Green Technology into the Build Project 


Froling Banner v2 2.png

Froling Banner v2 2.png

wind turbines-water.jpg

wind turbines-water.jpg

solar photovoltaic panels.jpg

solar photovoltaic panels.jpg

Building with Green Technology


The core philosophy of SGG is to adhere to and abide by the principles of healthy and ecologically friendly building in construction methods. We are especially proud of having an established and dedicated team based in the United Kingdom. We are very committed and motivated to create Housing Solutions with renewable technologies, which are not only beautiful and energy efficient, but also eco friendly for a whole new generation of clientele. We at SGG actively seek new technologies that support our ecological goals, providing essential support and funding at the right time in their development, to gain maximum market share and penetration.


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