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We at SGG understand the importance of innovation, not only in our building techniques, but also in the service we provide. At SGG we constantly review, and enhance, our service provision in response to the demands of the market. Not only are we setting rigorous targets for continuous improvement, SGG is also passionate in conducting business in an entirely ethical way. Our philosophy is deeply integrated into every part of our business. 


The Benefits of a Eco Home:

  • There are many very real benefits to living in a green home, and every day, more people are discovering those benefits.

  • Owning a green home is good for your life style, health, your wallet and our environment.


A Healthier Home

  • Eco Homes’ use of toxin-free building materials helps combat indoor air pollution, which can be much worse than outdoor pollution. Unhealthy air inside can pose serious health risks for residents.

  • Natural ventilation in an eco home, as well as use of mechanical ventilation systems to filter and bring fresh air inside and vent stale air outside, keep residents breathing easy.


A Cost-Efficient Home

  • The net cost of owning a green home is comparable to – or even cheaper than – owning a standard home. If upfront costs are higher, it is often because many architects, homebuilders, engineers, plumbers and other industry professionals just don’t have the knowledge and experience to cost-effectively plan, design and build a green home. Finding a professional familiar with green-building techniques will save you money and ensure you’re getting the best-quality work possible.

Our Current Projects 
Engineered Green Construction with Renewable Technologies
De Vinci France Executive Eco Village
Montaigu de Quercy South West France - 15 Exec Eco Homes, Club House


An exclusive resort in a wonderful location in the Midi Pyrenees, Les Residence De Vinci resort is more than a holiday destination; it is a country retreat unique in design, taste and above all desire.


De Vinci France has been conceived to be the most advanced luxury ecological developments in Europe as a showpiece for further development contracts on a global basis. The Residences de Vinci development will encompass all the latest ecological technologies into the eighteen acres of lifestyle orientated living. More than a building project, the development is earmarked to become the leading European marketing example for contemporary sustainable living incorporating a refined contemporary lifestyle ethos as its primary theme.


The proposed development site will include 15 luxury eco practical dwellings each with access to private swimming pools. Sited adjacent to the homes, a clubhouse will incorporate recreation facilities, including a lifestyle centre, gardens and landscaped grounds, complemented by an in house 24 hour concierge service. Ecological technologies shall be implemented throughout the development.