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LiteLux iSmart LED Street Lighing Project - Niarobi Kenya 



With our analysis, based upon the technical information provided by Niarobi County Council engineering team and the validation of Stoneguard’s road plan drawing a comprehensive DIALux report has been produced, with the results we have designed a bespoke model range that eliminate all of the issues mentioned, in addition we achieved an energy saving in excess of 50%, along with a life span of 50,000hrs backed by a 5year guarantee.


We test our theory we installed LiteLux bespoke designed120W iSmart lamps on City Hall Way for over 6 months. The results of the test met to our satisfaction and we proceeded to deliver a 50 pieces iSmart LED street light retrofit programme along Latema Road, Accra Road & Lagos Road in Nairobi City.


SGG has now been approved to supply & deliver iSmart LED Street lighting Solutions to Niarobi County.

iSmart Intelligent

Lighting Control Anuimatiom

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