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SGG provides eligible businesses with the full spectrum, from a fully investor funded model to an outright cash sale to bring green energy benefits to their premises and business.


We deliver a turnkey service to the client who benefits from the ownership of the products, and also the 20 year subsidies. From savings achieved by changing to approved energy efficient technologies, the savings pay for the new kit and also the install, along with a full service and maintenance contract. This means 100% of kit & installation CAPEX is funded 100% via our partners Lombard, Palmetto, Nationwide Corporate, which is underpinned by the Energy Saving & RHI & FIT incentives paid the Renewable Energy Incentives, for the next 20 years. 


SGG’s business model simply seeks to lower businesses and organisations energy bills by converting to green energy products, whilst capitalising on associated government tariffs. We provide eligible businesses with a smooth sale and delivery mechanism whether they purse a fully funded model or an outright cash sale.



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